Skinsations - Natural Massage Oils - Serious & Sexy!

Natural Massage Oils – Serious & Sexy!

Are Skinsations Massage and Body Oils for personal or professional massage use? The good news is, they’re great for both!

Skinsations massage oils are premium blends made from 100% all-natural cold-pressed oils. They provide the proper glide for sensual couples massage and deep tissue massage therapy without a sticky feeling or residue buildup. Our natural oils are all considered non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive areas too. So they’re the perfect both personal massage and professional massage alike. Plus, they’re versatile enough as a natural makeup remover, beard oil, personal lubricant, and more!

But enough about us. What is a good massage oil, and why is Skinsations the perfect choice?

What Makes A Good Massage Oil?

Whether you’re giving yourself or your partner a massage or using it as a massage therapist, knowing the right oils to apply is crucial. It creates a relaxing experience, de-
stresses, and benefits the skin and its overall wellness.

There are many factors to consider when picking the right massage therapy oil. Here are some factors you should consider:

Not all oils are considered equal.

When choosing massage oils, all-natural massage oil is the way to go. Pure coconut oil may be ideal for some applications but not for massage therapy. That’s
where fractionated coconut oil comes in. It’s not as heavy and greasy as regular coconut oil, but it has just as much glide and is ideal for shorter massage
strokes and often used when targeting sore muscles and muscle tension.

Grapeseed oil has vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids that help to reduce skin inflammation. Similarly, sweet almond oil contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids,
proteins, and Vitamin A, B, D, and E. Sweet almond oil is slightly oily and allows hands to glide over the skin easily. It’s the best oil for long sweeping massage strokes like in
Swedish massage therapy.

Jojoba oil doesn’t feel greasy. The skin quickly absorbs it, so you might need to re-apply more frequently. Jojoba oil is the closest to the natural oil produced by our bodies (sebum), so its ideal for those prone to back acne. If you want jojoba oil, use one that’s mixed in with other oils like Skinsations Unscented Premium Massage & Body Oil. It has the right mix of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut, and grapeseed oil. You get the moisturizing benefits of jojoba and coconut oil, the glide of sweet almond oil, and the skin preserving benefits of grapeseed oil.

Choose edible oils that are safe for sensitive areas.

For edible massage oils, go for oil blends with a light scent and flavor that’s safe for sensitive areas. Skinsations edible, flavored massage oil are a skillful blend of all four oils; fractionated
coconut, sweet almond, grape seed, and jojoba oil with whisper-light scent and flavor.

Tahitian Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, while Cinnamon gently warms the skin to give it that tingly feel. Both oils blends are flavored just right (not too little, not too much). If what you’re after is a night of passion or just a rejuvenating massage to ease tense muscles, Skinsations has a massage oil for every mood and occasion. Your skin deserves the best. Give it the best with Skinsations Massage and Body Oils!

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