Skinsations - Natural oils for a relaxing massage therapy

Natural Oils for Relaxing Massage Therapy

Nothing soothes a strained mind and body after a long, exhausting day as much as a comforting massage does. Not only does it untwines uncomfortable knots, and weary tissues and muscles in your body but it also melts away all your stress, leaving you feel revitalized.

And it gets even better when you are using a good quality massage oil!

The best natural massage oils kick your massage experience up a notch, leaving you feeling relaxed like never before!

Here are 4 of the most effective natural body oils that massage therapists swear by.

Sweet Almond Oil

Extracted from almonds, the sweet almond oil is one of the best essential oils that masseuses recommend using after a hectic day. This pale yellowish colored oil is slightly greasy, which makes it easy for hands to glide over the skin.

This organic sensual massage oil is non-allergenic and doesn’t usually irritate the skin, making it perfect for use for all skin types. It is not heavy and is easily absorbed by the skin. On top of that, it has a mild and sweet scent, which adds to the pleasure of massage therapy.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is generally considered as a thick, heavy oil, fractionated coconut oil is lightweight, non-greasy and is rated as one of the best natural massage oils.

This warm coconut oil is a bit stickier and thereby ideal for heavy massages that involve short strokes, targeting specific muscles areas.

Golden Jojoba Oil

Contrary to its name, golden jojoba oil is actually a type of wax extracted from the seeds of jojoba plant. Packed with wax ester and powerful antibacterial properties, this sensual massage oil works wonders for treating damaged, flawed skin.

Golden jojoba oil is non-oily, fast absorbing massage oil that can easily be mixed with other essential oils, making for peaceful, irritation-free massage therapy.

Grapeseed Oil

Boasting a smooth, silky texture, Grapeseed oil makes great massage oil that is bound to leave your skin feeling rich and glossy. It has little to no fragrance and is an excellent choice for a stress-relieving massage.

Infused with vitamin E, linoleic acid, and phenolic compounds, this sensual massage oil is guaranteed to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

What if we tell you that you can get ALL of the aforementioned natural massage oils in one?

Skinsations® is a skillful blend of all four oils!

Skinsations is a premium brand that offers all-natural, super relaxing massage oil blends containing all four oils; sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, golden jojoba oil complemented with the goodness of grape seed oil. With Skinsations premium massage oil blends at your service, get ready to say goodbye to all your stresses and worries!

Skinsations - Sore Muscle Massage Oil with Arnica Montana, Peppermint, Chamomile
Sore Muscle Massage Oil

With Arnica Montana and Capsicum a naturally warming extract from peppers, provides a gentle warming sensation to relax tense muscles.

Expertly crafted to provide comfort and relaxation for tired, achy muscles.
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