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Skinsations - Essential oils for sore muscles and pain.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles and Pain

Nothing strikes more fear in the minds of athletes – novice and elite alike, than these four words: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). We’ve all experienced it when we push our bodies a little too much or when trying a new activity. This extreme muscle soreness is typically felt around 24 to 72 hours after intense exercise. Reason for sore muscles after working out Researchers have speculated on why DOMS happens. A wide range of hypotheses has been

Skinsations - 4 essential oils guaranteed to take your massage session to the next level

4 Essential Oils Guaranteed to Take Your Massage Session to the Next Level

Whether you want to treat yourself with an at-home massage or enjoy making your partner feel good about themselves, a good massage oil can do the trick for you! Considering the wide variety of essential oils available in the market, it may become overwhelming to choose the best one for a sensual massage. While some massage oils can be super oily or have a scent too strong for your liking, others tend to have a short

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