Believe in Youth! - Illuminating Cleanser


Features & Benefits:
• Provides mild exfoliation
• Unique tri-acid formula
• Leaves skin soft, refreshed and hydrated
• Gently but thoroughly cleanses all skin types
• Brightens, tightens, and clarifies with no irritation
• PhytoBotanica™ combats and neutralizes free radicals
• Vitamin Complex of E & Provitamin B5

An essential part of any comprehensive skin care regimen Believe In Youth Exfoliating Cleanser utilizes our unique tri-acid gel to gently remove impurities, oil and makeup without stripping your skin of vital moisture, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter.

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A critical step in your daily transformation is Skinsations Believe in Youth Exfoliating Cleanser for refined, healthy and radiant skin. Contains exclusive PhytoBotanica, a potent antioxidant blend that rejuvenates skin damaged by every day exposure to the Sun and environmental free radicals. A tri-acid exfoliator mild enough to be used nightly. Effectively but gently removes makeup and daily grime and prepares and conditions skin for the next Skinsations essential nighttime treatment step.

Key Ingredients:
Contains Glycolic, Salicylic, and Malic acids. Our Unique combination of deep-pore cleansing actives gently but thoroughly provides mild exfoliation without irritation leaving skin soft, refreshed and hydrated.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid: (alpha hydroxy acid)
• Helps those with acne-prone and blackhead-prone skin
• Reduces discolorations from sun damage or hyperpigmentation
• Reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Benefits of Salicylic Acid: (beta hydroxy acid)
• Allows the cells of the epidermis to shed properly
• Prevents the pores of the skin from getting clogged
• Helps exfoliate skin and reveal the healthy, new skin underneath

Benefits of Malic Acid: (alpha hydroxy acid)
• Tighten pores
• Reduce the signs of age spots and freckles
• Reduce or erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


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